Mitigate Group brings a unique level of international experience and range of security and safety benefits to New Zealand at a time when it is needed most.

With Directors who have over 55 years experience assisting clients in over 13 countries worldwide

to identify, manage and mitigate a wide range of security and safety risks,

Mitigate Group is your best option to protect, manage and secure your business, event or operation.


We are dedicated to ensuring our NZ clients' security and safety,

and committed to their future success. 


We have assisted clients mitigate a wide range of concerns ranging from staff safety, loss prevention and event security, through to business continuity, security reviews and staff training.


Rest assured that with Mitigate Group as your security partner you not only have a resource of the highest international quality, but one who can offer competitively priced and personalised services

across the country's largest integrated security network protecting you

both from the risks of today and those of tomorrow.

"Mitigating your risk, Enhancing your brand"


"Experienced  -  Trusted  -  Cost effective"

At Mitigate Group we understand that the threats facing individuals and businesses the world over are constantly evolving, with new threats being identified on a daily basis.  The Christchurch event of 2019 has proven that New Zealand is no longer immune from these risks.


As a Mitigate Group client you can be assured that our global experience will provide you

with a unique resource dedicated to your security, additionally, you will deal directly with the Directors,

experienced individuals who will work with you to quickly assess your concerns and provide cost effective solutions to maintain the integrity of your brand, operation and reputation.


We understand that no two clients are the same and we take pride in getting to know you and designing services that meet your specific needs. From personal to business – local, nationwide or worldwide, we can offer a unique level of service to the highest of international standards.

Current NZ Security Industry

We have listened to and understand the wide range of issues entities face when dealing with security companies.  The issues primarily exist because generally the focus of most security providers is gaining contracts and not servicing contracts, in addition, the general quality of NZ security officer is not to a professional standard and service delivery likewise follows.

Mitigate provides quality, professional and trusted security officers supported by experienced managers.

We don't aim to be the biggest - we aim to be the best.

Mikes extensive 18 years’ experience within the New Zealand security industry.  His knowledge of the security industry, ability to manage a wide range of operations and to build relationships with our clients are factors that provide direct and unique benefits to our clients operations. 


During his career, Mike has provided a  comprehensive range of services to the NZ Police, NZ Defence Force, Foreign Embassies, NZ Parliament, Financial institutions, NZ Justice Department, 5 star hotels, Councils, Universities, entertainment industry and corporate entities.


​​Mikes ability to quickly identify, address and mitigate a wide range of risks to our client’s business, event or operation provides piece of mind to our clients, sound in the knowledge that Mitigate are working with them to ensure their future success.


His extensive experience in the NZ security industry extends to a wide range of services that include; operational and crisis management, security reviews, security training, corporate security, high profile international event security and close protection.



With over 37 years security experience, Darren brings a wealth of national and international security & risk management experience to Mitigate, providing our clients with a unique resource to assist  them protect themselves not only from the risks of today, but also those emerging risks of the future.


Darren served 16 years in the New Zealand Police during which time he was a Qualified Detective, a member of the Armed Offenders Squad (AOS / SWAT) for 11 years, the Special Tactics Group - STG (Police Counter Terrorist Group) for 9 years and the VIP / Witness Protection Squad for 3 years.  Darren has provided personal protection for 2 NZ Prime Ministers, as well as members of the Royal Family, Presidents and Foreign Heads of State.


On leaving the Police, Darren has provided security reviews, security operations management, close protection and security and safety training services within New Zealand and globally in countries that include Yemen, Egypt, Oman, UAE, Kenya, Monaco, Greece, China, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and Australia.  

Darren has written a number of media articles ranging from standard personal safety through to preventing and managing Stalking and techniques to survive a terrorist or active shooter event.​




During our 55 years within the global security environment, our management have provided services in the below locations providing security planning, operational management and protective services.  It is this unique level of experience that we now provide to our New Zealand clients
  • Loss Prevention - subcontracted by a large NZ security provider who stated our LPO's were preventing more theft and recovering more product than their own security staff
  • Planning and security management of a wide range of public events and client activations
  • Cost effective provision of corporate and uniformed security officers
  • Personal protection of artists within the corporate, entertainment and film sectors
  • Facility security reviews of high risk Government facilities, corporate f

How WE CAN Help You




  • Loss Prevention Officers

  • Corporate security officers

  • Uniformed security officers

  • Event security

  • Entertainment Industry protective services

  • Security Escorts

  • Security Concierge

  • Event & security plans

  • Security procedure formation

  • VIP Protection

  • Staff security & safety training

  • TCSM - Facility debugging 

  • Site Safety reviews

  • Intelligence assessments

  • Site penetration tests

  • Threat assessments

  • Surveillance

  • Security Reviews

strategic alliances

Executive Security Group (NZ)
ESG is an Auckland based corporate security and close protection provider. 
ESG services both national and global clients and has a key strategic support alliance with Mitigate Group 
download tees.jpg
Tactical Energetic Entry (USA)
TEES is a Memphis based Global Security training provider. 
TEES is owned and managed by Alan Brosnan, a former NZ SAS member who now trains police, military and civillian personnel globally in a wide range of security techniques.  Alans clients include the NZ Police and the NZ and US Ministry's of Defence 
Personal Security Group (NZ)
PSG is a specialist security training provider. 
PSG is owned and managed by one of New Zealand's most experienced instructors of conflict resolution, defensive tactics and security awareness training, having trained personnel from corporate entities to military special forces


At Mitigate Group we provide our clients with a diverse and unique level of training development, delivered by internationally experienced instructors.

One of the key factors that initiated the formation of Mitigate Group was the regular approaches made by other security training providers for Mitigate Group Directors to assist them with formatting specialist training programmes.  

For this reason, Mitigate Group was established with the primary intention of bringing 'first hand' integrity, professionalism and value add to both our clients and the industry in general.

Unlike the majority of training companies, we do not provide basic level instructors who simply go through the motions of delivering pre formatted training programmes.  The value adds for all Mitigate Group clients are that our instructors have real life experience regarding the topics they are instructing and furthermore will instruct training programmes tailored specifically to address your operational requirements or concerns.  


Our programme formation commences with a Training Needs Analysis (TNA).  This involves a collaborative process between our client and Mitigate Group and is designed to ensure we have a complete understanding of our clients concerns and requirements.  We will then tailor a training programme that addresses our clients current concerns while at the same time ensuring they are future proofed against the risks of tomorrow.

Our commitment to you is that we will "work together with you to devise and deliver a tailored and professional programme, one that achieves all of your aims by employing internationally proven techniques, best practice and our extensive experience".


Due to the comprehensive range of programmes delivered by Mitigate Group, the cost will vary dependent on the programme delivered.  Once the complimentary TNA has been conducted, a programme cost will be established and presented in conjuction with a training scope.  Rest assured that despite our extensive experience, your programme will be competitively priced, cost effective and one that can be tailored to any existing budget.  


Below is a sample of some of the diverse range of tailored training programmes that our NZQA experienced instructors have devised and delivered both in New Zealand and globally:

  • Personal Safety Awareness
  • Hostile Environment training
  • Counter Kidnapping
  • International Travel security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Counter Stalking
  • Mail Screening
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Reception safety procedures
  • Lockdowns
  • Improvised Explosive Device awareness
  • Robbery prevention
  • Maritime Anti Piracy
  • Professional standards for security teams
  • High Risk Escorts
  • Control and Restraint
  • Drugs, Alcohol & Workplace safety awareness (NZQA)
  • Executive / Close Protection
  • Facility Security management
  • Security Guard COA training
  • Behavioural Detection
  • Event Security management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Health and Safety
  • Advanced medical


Todays global and national security situation is a fluid and constantly evolving one.  The events of March 2019, in addition to other security events, have shown that New Zealand is not immune from the risks currently being experienced by the rest of the world.

Who best to entrust the safety and security of your personnel and facilities with, than those personally experienced at providing security reviews globally in both passive and high risk environments.  Our reviews have mitigated a wide range of risks from standard criminal and business continuity concerns through to global terrorism risks. 

Mitigate personnel have provided a range of reviews in over 12 countries worldwide, resulting in a level of unequalled experience that is now available to New Zealand businesses.

Our services can include, but are not limited to; physical risk and vulnerability assessments, procedural reviews, policy reviews, health and safety reviews, threat assessments, lock-downs, operations plans (national and global), staff training, to name a few.

Our reviews are designed as much to protect your entities name, image and reputation, as much as the physical security elements.


We understand that each client and site have their own unique range of risks and concerns.  Furthermore we identify the importance of providing a tailored approach to resolving our clients concerns. 

This is where the global experience of our reviewers ensures Mitigate's clients have a unique resource, the level of which is unequalled in the New Zealand market. 

Our reviewers will work with you to ensure all security or health and safety risks are identified and a plan established to mitigate or manage the identified risks, both those of today and tomorrow.


Monaco - Greece - China - Singapore - Kenya - Yemen - Australia - Egypt - Papua New Guinea - Oman - Iraq - New Zealand


Due to the individual specifics of each site, the risks facing the site and client and our tailored approach to reviews we are unable to provide a general flat fee.  We can however discuss your concerns and requirements and provide an estimated cost.  Our competitive and cost effective pricing is not solely based on our unique level of experience, but more so our dedication to your safety and security


  • Foreign Consulates

  • Police Stations (while police members)

  • Court Buildings (while police members)

  • Private Residences

  • International Ports

  • Public venues

  • Shopping Centres

  • Government facilities

  • Retirement Villages

  • International Hotels

  • International Airports

  • Oil Refineries

  • Event venues

  • Mayoral Offices

  • Corporate buildings

  • Foreign locations (for VIP visits)

  • Retail stores

  • Commercial buildings

  • Schools

  • Maritime Vessels

  • International sporting stadiums

  • Government Buildings

  • Oil Terminals