Todays global and national security situation is a fluid and constantly evolving one.  The events of March 2019, in addition to other security events, have shown that New Zealand is not immune from the risks currently being experienced by the rest of the world.

Who best to entrust the safety and security of your personnel and facilities with, than those personally experienced at providing security reviews globally in both passive and high risk environments.  Our reviews have mitigated a wide range of risks from standard criminal and business continuity concerns through to global terrorism risks. 

Mitigate personnel have provided a range of reviews in over 12 countries worldwide, resulting in a level of unequaled experience that is now available to New Zealand businesses.

Our services can include, but are not limited to; physical risk and vulnerability assessments, procedural reviews, policy reviews, health and safety reviews, threat assessments, lock-downs, operations plans (national and global), staff training, to name a few.

Our reviews are designed as much to protect your entities name, image and reputation, as much as the physical security elements.


We understand that each client and site have their own unique range of risks and concerns.  Furthermore we identify the importance of providing a tailored approach to resolving our clients concerns. 

This is where the global experience of our reviewers ensures Mitigates clients have a unique resource, the level of which is unequaled in the New Zealand market. 

Our reviewers will work with you to ensure all security or health and safety risks are identified and a plan established to mitigate or manage the identified risks, both those of today and tomorrow.


Monaco - Greece - China - Singapore - Kenya - Yemen - Australia - Papua New Guinea - Oman - Iraq - New Zealand


Due to the individual specifics of each site, the risks facing the site and client and our tailored approach to reviews we are unable to provide a general flat fee.  We can however discuss your concerns and requirements and provide an estimated cost.  Our competitive and cost effective pricing is not solely based on our unique level of experience, but more so our dedication to your safety and security


  • Foreign Consulates

  • Police Stations (while in the police)

  • Private Residences

  • International Ports

  • Public venues

  • Shopping Centres

  • Government facilities

  • Retirement Villages

  • International Hotels

  • International Airports

  • Oil Refineries

  • Event venues

  • Mayoral Offices

  • Corporate buildings

  • Retail stores

  • Commercial buildings

  • Schools

  • Maritime Vessels

  • International sporting stadiums

  • Government Buildings

  • Oil Terminals