At Mitigate we provide our clients with a diverse and unique level of training development, delivered by internationally experienced instructors.

One of the key factors that initiated the formation of Mitigate Group was the regular approaches made by other security training providers for Mitigate Group Directors to assist them with formatting specialist training programmes.  

For this reason, Mitigate Group was established with the primary intention of bringing integrity, professionalism and value add to both our clients and the industry in general.

Unlike the majority of training companies, we do not provide basic level instructors who simply go through the motions of delivering pre formatted training programmes.  The value add for all Mitigate clients are that our instructors have real life experience regarding the topics they are instructing and will instruct training programmes tailored specifically to address your operational requirements or concerns.  


Our programme formation commences with a Training Needs Analysis (TNA).  This involves a collaborative process between our client and Mitigate.  This process ensures we have a complete understanding of our clients concerns and requirements.  We will then tailor a training programme that addresses our clients current concerns while at the same time ensuring they are future proofed against the risks of tomorrow.

Our commitment to you is that we will "work together with you to devise and deliver a tailored and professional programme, one that achieves all of your aims by employing internationally proven techniques, best practice and our extensive experience".


Due to the comprehensive range of programmes delivered by Mitigate Group, the cost will vary dependent on the programme delivered.  Once the complimentary TNA has been conducted, a programme cost will be established and presented in conjuction with a training scope.  Rest assured that despite our extensive experience, your programme will be competitively priced, cost effective and one that can be tailored to any existing budget.  


Below is a sample of the diverse range of tailored training programmes that our NZQA experienced instructors have devised and delivered both in New Zealand and globally:

  • Personal Safety Awareness

  • Hostile Environment training

  • Counter Kidnapping

  • International Travel security

  • Loss Prevention

  • Counter Stalking

  • Mail screening

  • Defensive Tactics

  • Reception safety awareness

  • Lockdown

  • Improvised Explosive Device awareness

  • Robbery Prevention

  • Maritime Anti Piracy

  • Professional standards for Security Officers

  • High Risk Escorts

  • Control and restraint

  • Executive / Close Protection

  • Facility Security management

  • Security Guard COA Training

  • Behavioural Detection training

  • Event security management

  • Conflict resolution

  • Health and safety

  • Advanced medical